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Various products of Wire Mesh Further Processing, providing product images and basic parameters with each Stainless Steel Mesh Fruit Basket and Fruit Basket; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of Wire Mesh Further Processing, and look forward to your cooperation!

Fruit Basket


Fan Net


Wire Mesh Further Processing

Wire Mesh Further Processing is the product that After further processing and production, made of a specific use and shape of the wire mesh products. Here mainly includes Fruit Basket and Fan` S Net.

Wire mesh further processing can be decorated with metal ornaments inside, also can be made into fence, quarantine network, fence, fence, with good usability and safety. It is its welding process products. Professional design and production of various wire mesh processed products mesh basket basket turnover me disinfection network basket net basket with net culture platform supermarket shelf container metal hose wire meshes Sieve.

fan netfan netWire Fruit BasketWire Fruit Basket